How to improve CRO for e-commerce?

Firstly, let us understand what Conversion rate optimization is. Conversion Rate Optimization is a system that is used to increase the ratio of visitors to a website that will get converted into customers. In simple words, Customer Rate Optimization is the ration of the number of people who get converted into customers from those who visit the website.

Generally, you may believe that online retailers do not need optimization as the users are looking forward to some specific product and that too within their limited budget. Well, this may be incorrect as the e-commerce websites need more of the conversion rate optimization than that of the traditional business.

Any e-commerce website that is difficult to navigate does not seem to gain the trust of the viewer may cause to lose your prospective customer and hence it becomes necessary to have the edge on your website that may help you gain the customer and not lose them.  Below mentioned are a few steps to increase the conversion rate optimization on your e-commerce website.


Steps to increase conversion rate optimization:


  • Using high definition product images:

Give a thought of what you want to see when you are scrolling down the website for shopping. While you opt for online shopping, you can just view the product, and not touch or try it. So, the best thing one can do is to present an image that has all the minute to minute details of the products.  This will help the customer know what exactly the product is and what they will be getting. Usage of high definition images will let your prospect zoom in the image and have the closer look of the product. Moreover, using high definition image will not distort and prevent the blurry view of the product.


  • Free Shipping:

Offering free shipping on your e-commerce website allows your customer to think off as if they are gaining a deal even when they aren’t. One must always keep in mind that shopping is a psychological game. Hence if you are not able to cover the shipping cost in your profit, you may increase the price of your product but never fail to give your customer a free delivery.


  • Providing coupon codes and Adjusting product prices:

Firstly, in order to attract more customers, you should never fail to give them offers or any kind of discounts. Create coupon codes that the customers can enter at the checkout to get some amount off or cash back or any kind of advantage in the process.

Secondly, if you are selling brands that many of your competitors are also selling make sure to adjust the prices in a way that your price is lesser to that of your competitor. Also, keep in mind that the quality of your marketing and image representation will have a heavy influence on the amount that someone is about to pay.  


  • Easy checkout process:

As an e-commerce website, always make sure to have an easy and conventional checkout process. There are chances of you losing your customer if your checkout process is complicated and too long.  


  • Use live chat:

Choosing the live chat software makes it mandatory for your brand to be active during the business hours, and it should immediately respond to customers that request a chat. Always make sure that your software does not go into the mode when the customer will see you as currently unavailable and that they will have to leave a message and wait for your response. This sends a negative signal and the customer may feel unvalued and will also have to wait to get his or her query solved.

Rather than this try to build a direct communication with your potential customer and create a real human connection that will help gain trust and also assure future loyalty.


  • Let your customer know about the safety of your website:

Safety on an e-commerce website is a big concern. And as a brand, you need to build a certain level of trust among your customers and that too within a shorter period of time. This trust will let them enter their credit card details on your website. There is a lot of research that shows that the conversion rate of the website may boost after it has established trust among the customers.


  • Ease in navigating the website:

Structure your website in a way that makes it easy to operate. Have product categories so that looking for the product becomes easier. This will make shopping easy and also enhance the user experience. Easiness in the navigation of your website is an added advantage for the e-commerce business.


  • Give detailed product descriptions:

Always make it a point to give a detailed product description. This will let the customer know what the product is and how it is going to benefit them. Always remember that they are not encountering the product in reality, their shopping is based on the virtual view of the product so ensure complete details of the product. Giving detailed information will also prevent the return of the products.


  • Allow the customers to review the products:

Have you ever questioned yourself why people do the majority of their shopping from certain websites? The answer to this question is ‘Because of the reviews’. Also, just think about the purchase that you made online. You did search for the reviews. Giving your customer the authority to review the product gives them the sense of authority. As a result of which they will feel valued.



Driving Conversion Ratio is not the only important factor, but also increasing your value per customer. It is very important to keep in mind the steps that you will take after receiving the traffic on the website rather than just making attempts to gain traffic. Your game of increasing the conversion rate does not end with the first point of your sales; neither does it end with your 100th point of sale. It is an ever-going process.  

Author bio:  Loretta Brown is part of the Digital marketing team at GR Imagine working as a ProBlogger, Inbound marketing in GR Imagine. GR imagine serves in providing web design & development, graphic design, and Digital marketing services in Ahmedabad. Follow GR Imagine at LinkedIn.